Takedownman is a YouTuber who pretends to be an expert hacker and "pedophile hunter" and produces videos about the secrets of the Deep Web, aka the Dark Web. To be fair, even respectable journalists can get taken in by stories of human trafficking. He uses trappings of an investigative journalist style, often warning his viewer at length about the disturbing sites and images they are about to witness. He then proceeds to narrate over a series of screenshots of Tor hidden services about esoteric material. However, he has been ridiculed by many genuine hackers who claim he has an extremely poor understanding of hacking and the Dark Web, making such basic mistakes as getting infected with viruses by friends and thinking computers can get "Worm Holes". Furthermore, his claim that he has special privileges by the FBI to seek out child pornography (to catch pedophiles) is not consistent with U.S. state or federal law. In addition to making Youtube videos, Takedownman also campaigns on crowd-funding websites such as in order to secure payments from his followers to support his "work". Many are skeptical of Takedownman's grandiose claims about himself, such as his being a CIA agent, an expert in "Chinese healing", and a hitman. In true crank fashion, Takedownman and several Youtube followers have claimed that anyone who doubts his authenticity is a "pedophile".

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